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It’s often said that it’s not worth making especially tiny parts individually, as the costs will always be greater than the benefit, but our bespoke manufacturing proves that this is not always the case – and we can make you bushings to boot. As a small run or an individual component, just as you wish – we are not bound by production numbers. How do we do it? By combining the expertise and resources of the network of partners we have painstakingly and selectively built up over years of experience with classic cars. Why not take advantage of this network - you'll find an effective solution to your parts problem.

Fitting bushings is not a lengthy business, but they are not easy to get hold of in the classic car business – they often have to be copied at great expense from an existing pattern. However, we can offer you bushings made from a range of different materials at affordable prices. If you are not sure which bushing is faulty, just send us yours to work from.