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We often come across classic car lovers who have bought the model of their dreams and then discovered to their horror that the tank, which from the outside looked whole and undamaged, was a rather different story on the inside; you only have to imagine what goes on inside a tank that has been filled up with petrol and then left to sit and rot for years. The remaining fuel doesn't simply evaporate, it throws a deposit, turns into gunk and settles as a tarry sludge at the bottom of the tank. If the tank is then filled up – in all innocence – the contaminants from this disgusting goo get into the new petrol, and thus into the motor. The outcome, in the worst cases, will be that the motor is damaged. Thanks to the properties of the fuels used, rust in the tank is also hardly a rarity, so before you fire it up (as well as at regular intervals afterwards), let us overhaul your working classic car's tank and thus extend the life expectancy of your engine.

Can you imagine that these tanks were built into a classic car? No? And no wonder, as they look new. It’s all thanks to our restoration service: we overhaul tanks that have been rusting away for years, filled with left-over petrol, and we give them a professional restoration. The end result is a considerable achievement, both technically and visually.