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Gears / shafts

Unsuspectingly, you take your classic car for a spin and then suddenly it happens – the gearbox goes: one of the sprockets has had it, or a shaft has broken. Off you go to the dealer, only to be told that there is nothing around now that will do or can be ordered, and internet research is just as fruitless. This is not a problem for us; we can manufacture the part you need in a low production run – or even as a single item – and at a premium level of quality, of course. We know how important careful maintenance is for classic cars. Just send us the part designation you need with your order, or the faulty part itself, and we will be happy to do the rest.

It can often happen that after long and intensive use (and also a long period of inactivity) that gears and shafts can be locked so solid that they break or lose some teeth. In most cases, a quick replacement is all that is required and to make sure you are not waiting for ages or even in vain for the part you need, we can also manufacture any gears or shafts here as individual components for you.