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The clutch is at the heart of your car, so naturally it’s a matter close to your heart to keep it going – and it’s all the more annoying when the clutch starts to play up. In most cases, however, you won’t need a new clutch: in cooperation with our expert partner companies, we can offer you the option of sending the part to us for a professional refit and restoration. Our aim is to preserve the original part by overhauling it, as every original part is important to a classic car. Here we can also incorporate any specific customer requirements (such as increased driving comfort, for example) and we will also save you a bit of money, as a rebuild often works out cheaper than a new part.

Overhauling a defective clutch is an extremely tricky undertaking, but it is worth it. The job involves replacing worn parts (substituting identically constructed components) and fitting new clutch plates, and here we use extremely high quality replacements, of course. The clutch is also cleaned and treated with the best-quality products throughout the entire process.

The whole thing is then reassembled and the clutch is re-fitted properly using a setting gauge.