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We completely understand the feeling: the one you get when you’ve been looking for a part for your beloved car for ages, and, completely disappointed, you finally have to admit to yourself that it is no longer available. Asking at the garage was equally fruitless, as the broken part is unfortunately in such a bad condition that it can no longer be overhauled. So what are you going to do?

Have you thought of building it from scratch? We’ve seen the look on your face a million times before, there’s no need to worry – in most cases, it’s much cheaper than you think. Parts from us don’t grow on trees, of course, but you may yet be in for a surprise. For one thing you will be saving your beloved car, and you will also be getting top quality at a really good price. This is made possible by our many years of experience in problem-solving and classic car repair. We’ve been here before many times and have learnt how to combine our expertise in a range of fields to achieve the desired outcome to your complete satisfaction – and, as with our overhauled parts, we have the skills of our tried-and-trusted partner companies to fall back on. In many cases we are not bound by production run numbers and our range of products is growing by the day.