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In a lot of old cars, the speedometer is the pride of the dashboard, and its charm almost sums up the nostalgic image of a classic car; it’s an even greater shame when this is the part that gives up the ghost. You can't get by without a speedometer - it won't look right and you won’t be able to drive like that either. Finding a replacement speedometer for a classic car is anything but easy, as often its value as a collector's item will be an issue and these can often be expensive, so a more cost-effective alternative would be to have your speedometer overhauled by our restorers. The speedometer will of course be calibrated after overhauling and can be used on the road: the old chrome trim will be replaced and your speedometer will come back to you as good as new.

The speedometer is the centre of attention in the interior of any classic car: seats are important, the upholstery too, of course, but all eyes are on the speedometer. It is at its most beautiful when it’s in good condition and this is just what we can offer you with our restoration service. Send us your old speedometer and you will get it back as good as new – just look at our sample pictures, they speak for themselves.