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Even if your car's radiator is chronically incontinent, this doesn't at all mean that it’s had it. It’s a well-known fact in classic car circles that finding a suitable radiator is fairly difficult, but why go for difficult when there is an easy way? Depending on the nature of the leak, overhauling the old radiator may even be the better and clearly the more cost-effective option. We have amazed a lot of our customers, who hardly recognised their old radiator as it looked so new and was completely watertight. When we overhaul it, your radiator will be completely overhauled – the core is replaced and we do all the soldering required. If you like, we can also fit a new header tank – you will be more than impressed with the results.

You would hardly believe the radiators we have seen that people have written off as past it. We have generally had to respectfully disagree – even when the radiators looked like they were in a really bad state, in most cases we have been able to overhaul them. Have a look at some of our sample pictures; after our overhaul you would hardly recognise them, and they were of course all then professionally tested by us for safety and function. After restoration the radiators look like new again.