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Door handles

In addition to their practical function, door handles play an enormously important role in the look of a classic car – they finish off its overall appearance and simply cannot be replaced with modern variants. However, the problem is often that door handles in good condition, if you can even find them, are pretty rare. There are understandably lots of people looking for them in order to bring their car up to nice spec, and with such low supply and high demand, the chances of finding any are pretty small. If your own door handles are in such bad condition that they can't be overhauled, there's only one option, and that is to make some new ones - and this is equally the case even for just one door handle. Take advantage of this opportunity and completely revamp your car with a handful of door handles – at reasonable prices, thanks to our efficient production chain.

So, do you recognise any of the door handles above? They are an especially individual aspect of every old vehicle, and back then, people really knew about design and original character. If you can’t find the door handle you need and people are telling you that they are no longer available, then let us make you one - you won't be able to tell the difference from the original.