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Exhaust systems

The exhaust system can be an extremely vulnerable part of a car, especially if it has been left standing around for year in a damp environment. We offer you the option of having an exhaust system that exactly matches your specifications and wishes built to suit your classic car. As we have specialised in classic cars and limited edition production runs, any and every vehicle is welcome here. Bespoke manufacture means that we can offer you a high level of flexibility and especially individuality. Don’t despair when dealers tell you that you will have to keep your classic car in a barn forever, join with us to develop what you want – an exhaust system that is exactly right for your vehicle.

We will build you a complete exhaust system to your individual specifications and wishes and tailor it to suit your classic car; we also make individual components such as silencers, ducting and all the accessories required (including the likes of clamps or specialist mounting parts) – in any size of production run. We can also even make a single component.