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Brake pads

It won’t always be the brakes and/or the brake shoes that develop the fault that results in impaired braking performance for the car. It’s often enough to change the brake linings, and this is a simple and cost-effective procedure. If further work is required on the brake pads, we provide a comprehensive treatment procedure in which the brake pads are inspected for correct function, material integrity and, of course, for safety. We will then carry out the necessary repairs to rectify the specific fault. This means you can retain original parts over a longer period, which adds up to a cost-effective alternative to a brand-new part, especially for brake pads.

They are not alwaysthe brakesor supportof the pads, which are defectiveand the cartends thereforeto an insufficientbraking.Often it's enough when the padsarereplaced.This is a simpleand inexpensive process. Ifan extendedtreatmentof the brake shoesto bedesired,weoffer a comprehensivetreatmentprocess in whichthe brake padsare checked forproperfunction, materialreliability, and of course safety.Depending on the damage, we then performthe necessaryrepairs.In this mannerthe originalparts can bepermanently preserved, which represent analternative to thenew productionespecially forbrake shoes.