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Shock absorbers

Shock absorbers are a tricky subject – buying or building new ones for a classic car can be a costly business and then you will always have the nagging thought that they aren’t really the original part – which is always a matter of great importance for classic cars. Depending on the construction of the shock absorbers, however, they can be overhauled and restored (for us to be able to overhaul you shock absorbers, it has to be possible to dismantle them completely). If this is the case, the unit will be stripped down to its component parts and professionally cleaned, any defective parts will be repaired and it will then be reassembled. Your shock absorbers will look like new and your car will drive more comfortably than ever.

Shock absorbers are always a tricky subject. If the faulty shock absorbers can be completely dismantled, they can be completely overhauled. Compare our examples – the shock absorbers that get delivered to us are generally in poor condition. You can clearly see their age and the years of service on them and this is also apparent in their driving performance. We'll dismantle them and replace all the faulty parts, and all the other parts will be professionally cleaned. The result is a completely functional and safe original part for your classic car.