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Whoever drives a classic car generally knows his car inside and out. With the correct care and maintenance, it is a faithful and special companion. One takes pride in its age and rightly so. However, this is precisely where the problem lies. Over the years automobiles have changed and production of certain models have ceased. Yet even a fond and well-kept classic car needs repair and it is then that the problems usually arise. This is not the case if you have a competent partner at your side where you can get everything from one source and from whom technical jargon is easily explained.

As your partner for classic car parts, we succeed where other fail. Do you think that you have a problem that cannot be solved? Perhaps we too will reach our limits? Then put us to the test and let us solve your problem.


Frequently one needs a part for the maintenance and repair of their beloved classic car. Until now one had to laboriously search for these parts from various suppliers. With our service that is a thing of the past. We provide you with what you need. Our extensive range saves you the never-ending search for individual parts. You can get everything from once source. Let us advise you. Read more

Overhaul / Restore

It is often the case with classic cars that a part is perhaps no longer available. In such cases, there are only two options. The first that we offer you is our restoration service. Assuming the part you need do not dismantle in to individual components, we offer you the option to have it professionally reconditioned in high quality. You will be convinced by the result. Take a look at our documentation. This option is usually more economical than a completely new manufacturing. Read more


And now we come to our final option: more than occasionally, a faulty part will no longer be available and is unfortunately in no condition to be overhauled. In such cases, the only course of action that makes sense is to manufacture the desired part from scratch. You will now probably be recoiling in horror, especially if you are thinking about the cost; while parts from us are not available for free, you may yet be in for a surprise, however. For one thing it is an investment that is wise to make before your beloved car stops working, and in any case we are often cheaper than you think. This is made possible by our many years of experience in problem-solving and classic car repair, combined with an expertise in a range of fields that will enable us to achieve the desired outcome to your complete satisfaction. We are not bound by production run numbers and our range of products is growing by the day. Read more